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Danny Cohen Ties are exclusively embroidered ties created to celebrate both the whimsical and the elegant.


We have carefully selected fabrics and created embroidered designs that compliment each other in a beautiful and complex way.


Allow yourself to mix our ties with different patterns and blend them together for your distinctive look.


All ties are limited editions.


Danny Cohen Ties are proudly made and hand finished in NYC.


We hope they make you and the people around you smile.




We chose medium weight fabrics in order to endure the extensive embroidery work, so you may want to try different knot styles in order for the design to land exactly where you’d like it.


We recommend a Simple Knot, but a Half Windsor Knot could also work as well.


First, make a gentle knot and once the design is exactly where you want it, tighten it up.


Enjoy and please visit us @dannycohenties on Instagram to share your unique look!

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